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Welcome all alumni and friends to the official web site of the graduating class of State College Area High School 1965, State College, Pennsylvania.

We hope you enjoy viewing all the many great photos and connecting with former school chums. We also have a message-board where you can network with old friends. And much more!

Please communicate with us concerning your present location so we can send you information about the upcoming 50th class reunion and other alumni news.

Alumni, please sign up today!

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Joe Dionisio
Reunion Committee
  • The Class of '65 Turns 65

The Class of '65 Turns 65 Birthday Bash ~ June 30, 2012
Attendees were: Lynn Alexander, Judy Almquist, Barb Ascah, Charlie Barto, Jim Beam, Cathy Becker, Patti Berrena, Richard Bitner, Carolyn Bryant, Tom Coombs, Joe Dionisio, Leroy Dreibelbis, Jim Dunlop, Susan Dutt, Denny Etters, Bob Flipse, Bill Frantz, Paul Glantz, Dick Griffin, Dan Guss, Cathy Guyer, Janice Hamer, Linda Harpster, Larry Harpster, Nancy Harris, Sam Hawbaker, Jack Heckendorn, Chuck Henning, John Imbt, Clarence Johnson, Sandi Krebs, Bruce Latshaw, Janice McArdle, Butch Mehalick, Larry Miles, Craig Miller, Patti Moss, Joan Musser, Nan Musser, Doug Niebel, Charlie Poust, Art Reede, Bill Reiber, John Rigo, Diane Saubel, Jerry Shafer, Sharon Slagle, Barry Stine, Carolyn Stine, Duane Taylor, Ed Temple, David Truscott, Sharon Ulrich, Jack Walmer, Denny Weaver, Donna Weaver, Paul Weeden, Dave Whitmarsh, Ken Williams, Jean Winstead, and Patty Yearick. Many of our sixty-one mates brought their spouse or friend to the celebration; therefore, one hundred plus folks shared the class celebration.

Do you know how many mates are now married to each other and who they are? Hint: There are four couples

Because this photo is casual, the names of attendees are listed alphabetical. Please download the picture so that you can enlarge it to have a better view. If your name was overlooked, I apologize. In that case, please email me at Tinhawb@comcast.net and I'll be more than happy to include you.

The write up about our evening is under Last message Post in the left column of this page. Please take a look. Thank you. Jan Hamer Hawbaker

  • Yearbook and More
Recognize any of these guys?

Visit our Yearbook Page to see all our school pictures!
  • PICNIC 2013

Attendees were: Joe Dionisio, Dick Griffin, Jim Beam, Nancy Harris McKee, Lynn Bartlett, Chuck Henning, Jack Heckendorn, Elaine Meyer Cassin, Patty Yearick Kennedy, Jeff Bower, Bob Flipse, Sam and Jan Hamer Hawbaker, Denny and Nancy Musser Weaver, Jim Dunlop, Larry and Jan McArdle Miles, Denny and Patty Moss Etters, Jack Walmer and Lynn Alexander, Carolyn Bryant, Tom Coombs, Bob Ramsey, Rachel Ferguson Rider, Charlie Poust, Bill Franz, Betsy Wheeler Somers, Diane Wooding Junker, Rich Bitner, Carolyn Stine Illjes, Ed Whitbred, Dorothy Harpster Johnson, Barry Stine, Kathy Fowler Barto, Naomi Cramer McNulty, Diane Johnson Corl, Ken Williams, Patty Berrena McCleskey, Sharon Ulrich Brown, Dee Parker Sills, Liz Dumm Phillips, John Rigo, John Imbt, Jean Winstead Moray, Bruce Latshaw, Duane Taylor, David Whitmarsh, Georgia Jessop Fink, Len Tressler, Julie Lemmon, Cathy Guyer Bailey, and Ed Temple.
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 Recent Public Pics
Pic Title: Frazier Elementary 6th Grade Class Picture
Poster: tinhawb, View: 51
Posted: Wed May 26, 2010 12:17 pm
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Pic Title: Ferguson Township 6th Grade Class Picture
Poster: tinhawb, View: 58
Posted: Wed May 26, 2010 12:16 pm
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Back Row: Joan Long, teacher; Tom Derr, Trudy Jones, Ed Temple, Don (last name?), Ann Forster, Andrea Gilbert, Valerie Bennett, Dave Litke, Judy Almquist, Jennette Rahn, Nick Petnick, & Charles Bradley.
Seated: Brian Southern, Janice Hamer, Dorothy Alexander, Andrea Harman, Terry Johnson, Gerald Meyers, Elaine Woolverton, Barb Emel, Nancy Washington, Vandy Vandermeer, Ralph Morris, and Chuck Henning.
Pic Title: 2nd Grade Corl Street Elementary School
Poster: tinhawb, View: 75
Posted: Sun May 23, 2010 1:17 pm
Rating: Not RatedComments: 1

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